Friday, October 3, 2008

Youxin Yang

Youxin Yang , M.D., Ph.D. is an award-winning scientist, award-winning filmmaker, and award-winning painter.

Early career

Dr. Youxin Yang started her career in China and then advanced her education in France where she was awarded a prize from the Association for the Study of Pediatric Pathology in 1999 for her work on the WT1 Gene in Denys Drash Syndrome and Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis.


"Feuille" , the first feature film by Dr. Youxin Yang won the top Remi Award at the 37th WorldFest - Houston International . This film tells a story of two female artists: a Meihua and a French photographer Feuille . Dr. Youxin Yang was the first Chinese female writer/director/leading actress to win the top Remi Award. Three years later, following 12 awards Feuille has won worldwide acclaim. Leaf , with new images and a new "True Love Has Only One End", written and composed by Dr. Yang herself, won another Remi Award at the 40th WorldFest - Houston on April 28th, 2007.

She won the "Award of Excellence" in the 2005 Accolade Competition for writing the song "Silent Fire" for her second feature film "Silent Fire", which also won Best Score at the New York International Festival .

She was a Award winner at the New York International , 2005.


Espace Richelieu . Youxin Yang, M.D. Ph.D. An Artist and Scientist. ISBN 978-0975286609.

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ChinaToday1 said...

Solo exhibiton by Chinese-American artist Youxin Yang

Solo exhibiton of Dr. Youxin Yang, M.D., Ph.D.
April 1 - April 30, 2012 At the Hall of A Hundred Rivers
This will be the Canadian Premiere of
Dr. Yang’s paintings and feature film Feuille (Leaf).
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Dr. Yang in person
at the opening reception
on Sunday, April 1st from 2:00pm to 4:30pm.

Dr. Youxin Yang was born in Xuzhou, China. After finishing her medical education in Nanjing, she received her Ph.D. with high honors from Paris University VI (Marie-Curie University). In 2001, she went to Harvard Medical School to continue her work in cancer research. Dr. Yang is a multi-talented artist and filmmaker who was the first female director to win the top Remi Award at the 37th Houston International Film Festival. Her passion for art is shown through all her works by uniting eastern and western cultures. Dr Yang’s career path shows that there does not need to be a separation between science and art. Her accomplishments in scientific research and artistic expression prove that being an expert in one field does not necessarily mean that you can not be an expert in another field.
Dr. Yang’s 2012 exhibit PEACE is a perfect example of cultural unity, and our Garden is delighted to provide a space that connects cultures and communities. A screening of Dr. Yang’s first feature film Feuille (Leaf) will be held at the opening reception. She is the screenwriter, director, and leading actress of this film. Leaf has won twenty-four awards such as Best Drama at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles, 2004.

(Photo credit: Xavier Ferreira)

Apr 1st, 2012 - Apr 30th, 2012
10am - 4:30pm
Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden (578 Carrall Street)